Voices of Haiti in New York - Day 2

A real stage. And a huge stage at that! Radio City Music Hall has welcomes the young ABF and St. Luc singers. Behind them stands a 3-level orchestra, sorrounded by columns holding up screens. In front of the children stand 6,000 seats, and right beside them is Andrea, who just arrived last night from Italy. The count down to the debut of the “Voices of Haiti” is now only down to one digit. Just a few more hours until the inauguration of the “Global Exchange” at Lincoln Center, immediately followed by another historic performance, for Tony Bennett’s 90 year birthday. Tomorrow, more exciting adventures await, at the United Nations and the Childhood Foundation. The birthday message for Tony, sitting on the left of the stage at “Radio City” announces that “the best is yet to come” and this also applies to the young children of the choir. There is nothing that wipes away the smile, good mood and excitement even after many hours of rehearsal. The Maestro Eugene Kohn, finally has met “Voices of Haiti,” at the tenth floor of Lincoln Center. Many years ago, not far from here, he was sitting behind a piano to play for Maria Callas, and today he is welcoming his new friends and now “collegues”. The September sun illumites the path followed by our young Haitians, in a crowded, yet calm Manhattan. The air condtioning is the only antagonist in this trip, but the flu has not won over any of our young choir members. Yesterday night, suddenly, a intense rainfall drenched the Midtown. Once we (the adults) reached the bus, we were wet, tired and a little annoyed. The children were somehow even happier, as they kept saying “ it is a blessing from the sky, the sky is blessing our adventure!”. And for us, it was impossible not to agree with them.