Voices of Haiti in New York 2018 - December 11th - Day 2

December, 11th 2018

“Welcome” is the word of the day! It is the word that the over one hundred students part of the “Sing for Hope” said to the Voices of Haiti choristers at their entrance in auditorium. Yesterday morning it was the time to meet the “peers” of the “Greeley Middle School”, to share experiences, feelings and curiosities but mainly to share music.

Music has the power to convey a universal message and can overcome barriers such as language. The 2 choirs exchanged exhibitions but also slices of pizza and cookies like amongst good friends no matter who you are.

Also during the afternoon for the rehearsal of the concert at the Madison Square Garden the orchestra directed by Maestro Eugene Kohn gave a warm “Welcome” to the youngest chorister with a respectful applause.

Again in the evening when the lights covered and embraced the city of New York the Voices of Haiti walking back to the YMCA received warm smiles from the passers-by. With open arms and an open mind you will feel always “Welcomed”!