Voices of Haiti in New York 2018 - December 12th - Day 3

December, 12th 2018

“Memories” is the word that marked yesterday for the Voices of Haiti. The 36 choristers spent the morning visiting the place of memory par excellence: Ground Zero. Many little fingers touched the inscriptions and the numerous names, with curiosity and respect and their eyes explored their surroundings from the top of the tower, taking in the power of the city. This city that they travelled through by bus to reach Madison Square Garden.

The concert with Maestro Bocelli is sold out says the poster, but perhaps they are not yet aware of what that means. They are still not realizing that over 18,000 people – from all over the world – will be seated in front of them. They will realize it later, when Maestro calls them onto the stage. Perfectly dressed in their uniforms, with smiles that light up the entire venue, their voices stun the entire audience into a respectful silence and gain the Voices of Haiti two standing ovations. “Bravo, bravo”!

It is no surprise then, that once the show was over, at the end, that some of them shed a few tears. Emotions, happiness and a life experience, all part of a unique, breath-taking memory!