The creation and activities of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation find their substance and inspiration in the thoughts of the founder: “it is for faith in love and in justice that we are called upon to build a better world than the one we have found, called upon to give back to the world all of the good that we have received”.

With this belief the Andrea Bocelli Foundation intends to work so that each individual and community can express itself to the utmost of its possibilities, exceeding its own limits.

The objective is to become a laboratory full of life, a pillar of support made up of lots of small protagonists, all joined together by their passion for the music of Andrea Bocelli who meet together, in every corner of the world, working generously “so that even the most unlucky people or the weakest have the chance to live a life full of opportunities and beauty and so that those who deserve can find energy and real possibilities to give their very best”.

Uniting strength is the winning slogan of such an enthralling project: being able to provide our neighbours with concrete help, conquering the priceless privilege of being useful, in the certainty of the quality of each form of intervention.

Dealing with many national and international companies Andrea has realized over the years the value that a grant making confident and focused can have; a grant making that points to not pulverize the resources but to target themto get resultsinnovative, effective and lasting, even if small.