Voices of Haiti in New York - Day 1

They are finally here! For one week they will showcase their voices in New York, reminding the world through music that education, culture and art are essential in order to overcome challenges. Just a few hours after their debut, the ‘Voices of Haiti’ have already warmed our hearts and filled them with joy. Their eyes, already glimmering back in the Caribbean island, have now filled with an even brighter light here in New York. As they live exciting new experiences and look up to the sky to see the unfamiliar shape of skyscrapers instead of the usual starry night sky. All this excited has however not taken away from their concentration. On the contrary, now more than ever, they have a burning desire to understand and learn whilst getting to meet (and very warmly embrace) new people. As they catch your gaze, they see the child that you once were. They celebrate you as you are, as we all are. They await for you to join them in celebration.